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What am I doing here?

November 4, 2011

So why a blog? They certainly aren’t running out of things to read on the Internet….why should I contribute to the noise? I mean, I don’t even friend people on Facebook and I have updated my status something like twice since this summer. I don’t read blogs, and I certainly don’t have a book contract waiting on the other side of this.
Maybe a better question is why haven’t I written a blog yet. That’s much easier to answer. First off, there’s the laziness factor. Blogging seems like work, even if it is fake work. I don’t know if I’m up for that Another factor is aesthetic. “Blogging” just sounds like a narcissistic, I-live-in-my-parents-basement kind of a pastime. I’m not sure I’m ready to be painted with that brush or associated with the George Bush blogosphere. There was this one time that I was mistaken for another person who talked incessantly about blogging. Such conversation topics obviously turned people off, and I had to work hard to show that, in fact, I was not “that guy.” Thinking about becoming “him” may just put some friendships at risk. A third reason is tech savvy-ness. I used to be ahead of the curve on these things, but now I can barely update my iTunes without help. It’s pretty embarrassing. Just reading about the MySQL and PHP offerings of this blog site hurt my head. Can I really be trusted to craft something people want to read on a regular basis?
Then the breakthrough came–I don’t have to create something people want to read. I only need to entertain myself. Since self-entertainment is one of my favorite pastimes (third in line to using Scripture out of context and board games), seeing blogging as an outlet to entertain myself in writing seemed like a good idea.
Over the past few weeks, there have been several people, both married to me and otherwise, who have suggested rather strongly that I do this. To discern the level of interest in the market, I decided to dabble in a bit of crowd sourcing. To those unfamiliar with the term, crowd sourcing is when you are either too ignorant or too lazy to come up with something yourself and you pass the buck to a bunch of others probably even more ignorant and more lazy than you all at the same time. I did this via the magic of twitter and Facebook. With one exception (and you know who you are) the response was positive. And, since I am nothing if not a pushover, I caved. I just hope those eight respondents read this garbage that they signed up for.
So here we are, launching out into this crazy Internet together, for no good reason at all. To thank those that have encouraged me in this process, I will write one post on the topic that they have suggested. So stay tuned, check back, subscribe (if I ever figure out how to generate that option) and see if you can’t strain a gnat of entertainment out of this camel’s worth of bandwidth.
Thanks for reading.

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