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Distilling who you are and what you do onto a single web page is a daunting task. Some things just require you to be longer-winded.
Perhaps the best thing about me is that I am a happily married father of two boys. I love my wife a little bit more each day and it’s hard to believe just how fast the past five years have flown by. Our boys are three and one (not in the Trinitarian sense, mind you) and endeavor to keep me young while simultaneously making me old.
Vocationally, I work at a Christian university in residence life. It is a challenging job, but one that I really like. I am a sort of missionary to college students, giving them a model of someone a bit older and more experienced to talk to and hopefully learn from. I also push housing paperwork and help with maintenance reporting and other similarly droll tasks, but engaging young people eager to learn and take their lives somewhere great never gets old.
Ministerially, I am on the leadership team at Doxa Church in Tulsa. It’s a small church, full of youth and full of problems, but primed for some great things just over the horizon. It’s been an exciting year serving there.
Educationally, I have a MA in Biblical Literature, earned from the same school at which I work. I’m pursuant to a PhD, which I hope to finish in the next two years. For some, academic study of the Bible has challenged their faith, but for me, it’s done nothing but make it grow stronger each day. In fact, one of the major reasons I started this log was to share some of those insights with a wider community. I hope you’ll stop in and stay a while, contributing to the conversation as it unfolds.

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  1. March 15, 2012 1:13 am

    “Hotdog” theology….you should trademark that!

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